Kourtney Kardashian praises Scott Disick for being such a good father

Kourtney Kardashian – who has three children with Scott Disick – is very happy to see he has become a great father to their children and praised him for his commitment. In fact, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is said to be back with the 33-year-old model due to his exceptional maturity.

A source explained to People magazine: “She got screwed over by Scott so many times in the past. Kourtney is still protecting herself.

She doesn’t want to say that they are back together until she knows for sure that Scott is fully committed to his family. But so far so good. Scott has been amazing to Kourtney, and she is very happy.”

The 37-year-old beauty is also impressed with the way he has made family the number one priority in recent years.

“For a long time, it really seemed like Kourtney was completely over Scott. She was acting very disappointed. It seemed she would never take him back. Then Scott decided to turn things around.

It was like he finally realised that he needed his family. For the past few months, Scott has been amazing. He isn’t sober, but very well behaved. He has shown Kourtney that she and the kids are his number one priority,” the source explained.

Rumors of the two getting back together may actually be a reality, as they are reportedly living together again. The source added: “Kourtney seems very happy. She always loved Scott. They are living together now and are very happy. It’s all about family time. Scott seems very happy about being back with his family. They are spending Thanksgiving together as a family.”

The family is set to spend Thanksgiving at Kylie Jenner’s home after Kourtney revealed the model will take on hosting duties this year.

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