Kirsty Gallacher desperately wants more children

Television personality Kirsty Gallacher – who has two sons with former husband Paul Sampson – insists on having another baby as she wants to add a little sister to the family.

She shared with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’d love more kids – another one at least, and a girl would be nice.

My boys would love a sister. And I’m not worried at all about the age thing. I know plenty of people who are having children later.”

Following her divorce from the 39-year-old athlete in 2014, Kirsty started dating fellow rugby player Danny Cipriani, who was 12 years younger. The two eventually split due to their age gap, insisting it was too much to handle.

Despite her relationships struggles, Kirsty wouldn’t rule out marriage someday.

She explained: “I wouldn’t rule it out. You have to take each experience, each person, as they come. I’m very open-minded about my life now, I’ve really changed my attitude. But you’ve got to make sure it’s very right.”

And the star admits there are still some bad days following her divorce:

“There are times when it’s difficult. There are some tears now and again – separation issues which are normal apparently. But we’ve both looked after the situation very well and [our children have] been absolute stars to be honest.

It’s a life-changing experience, I think it takes a while for everybody to make that transition.”

The desire to grow her family comes after her sister Laura, 27, got pregnant with her first child.

Kirsty shared: “When I was in my 20s we were more naive then. Youngsters are growing up a lot quicker. My sister’s 27 and she’s very wise. I wish I had that.”

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