Kelly Le Brock believes Gene Wilder deserved more recognition

The late Gene Wilder, well respected for his film career, has had an outpouring of emotions from those who worked with him.

Kelly Le Brock, who starred alongside Wilder in the film Lady in Red, shared some harsh words because the industry never awarded the actor an Oscar for his outstanding performances. Le Brock now suggests he should be recognized at the 2017 Academy Awards.

In a recent interview with the Sunday Mirror, she said: “We need to cherish and embrace these icons while they are here and not wait until they die before we applaud them. He should have been given an Oscar. He was Oscar-nominated twice but never won. That is what is messed up about the business. Comedy is the hardest skill for any actor, but also the hardest to get recognized for. Gene should still get an Oscar. He was brilliant.”

Le Brock, like many others who worked with the late star, fondly remembers filming with him in the 1984 film and feels nobody can compare.

“He was brilliant and a genius. He was very different. He had his own way of making people laugh. Throughout my career, I met every Hollywood star and A-lister going. I’ve had them all at my table from Walter Matthau to all the greats – and none of them came close to Gene.”

She also looked up to Wilder as he often served as a fatherly figure.

Le Brock continued: “Gene was just so gentle, so kind and caring. The first thing that hit you about him was his blue eyes, how gentle he was with his hands when he spoke and how deliberate each word he uttered seem to be. He was just so very delicate. He looked upon me at the time like a daughter. All I ever felt from him was pure fatherly love and support.”

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