Kelly Clarkson reveals her embarrassing meeting with President Obama

Kelly Clarkson met President Obama when he was just a junior senator, and although things were initially going great, the artist was left red faced when she got his name wrong.

She revealed on Late Night with Seth Meyers: “I get up there, complete panic sets in because I can’t remember what that fake Grammy is called, I can’t remember what the book is because it had just come out … And I can’t remember his name, but I am pretty sure it rhymes with ‘sama’.

I completely butchered it, I literally had the mic, after I just nailed it, and I’m like … [mumbles nonsensical words]. I swear to God, I wanted to die. I wanted to fall down and pretend I had a stroke – I would’ve faked some horrible thing.”

For better or worse, she isn’t the only one who has made an embarrassing mistake in relation to the leader.

Blake Lively had once admitted how her carefully-scripted speech suddenly went out the window due to being nervous.

She shared: “I met Obama and I had my whole speech planned. He was introducing himself to everyone and they were talking about the way that they were gonna change the world. He came to me and I was just like ‘I … Hope!’ It was just like me summoning hope for myself, it was awful.”

She went on to explain how she deleted a voicemail the President had left her husband, causing the conversation to get progressively worse.

“The only thing I could think of was that he’d left my husband a voicemail when he was running for president. So I said, ‘You left my husband a voicemail!’

And he was like, ‘…Cool!’ And I said, ‘And he deleted it!’ It was just like, why did I say that? It got worse! I was like, ‘He deleted it cause you were just a senator then!’ And then I was like, ‘That was bad.’ So I was like, ‘Well, he didn’t know you would be president. I mean, who thought that … you would … be pres … ummm … Can you leave my husband a voicemail?’ It was just getting worse.”

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