Katy Perry on Twitter popularity and maintaining balance

Katy Perry has over 90 million followers on Twitter, and the star admits she finds it fascinating but also weird.

The Unconditionally hitmaker went on to reveal she also writes her own tweets on the popular social platform, which is easy for followers to tell due to her “horrible grammar.”

She told Women’s Wear Daily: “You get dopamine every time you post something and you get that reaction. But it’s weird being the person that has the most followers. I know what that animal is and it’s a dance, you know? I do all my posting which you can tell because sometimes I have horrible grammar or typos or I post late.”

Perry explained the nature of social networks once you get such a huge amount of followers, as she often stirs quite a few discussions even without realizing it.

She continued: “In the beginning you’re like, ‘I have this ambition and no one can tell me no’ and you get it, right? Then there’s this period where everyone has a say and then the whole world has a say. Everyone’s talking, everyone’s chatting then you’re, like, ‘Whoa, s**t. Did I start these conversations or am I part of the convo or what is this?’”

The artist also praised friends and family for keeping her sane and grounded. She acknowledges that life is all about maintaining grace in a world where attention is constantly surrounding her.

“It’s a trust your gut thing and it’s not really steered me that wrong. I’ve always been very in tune with my intuition. Thankfully and I’ve got great family and friends that keep me grounded. It’s all about balance because to me this whole career, or this opportunity, is a total inhuman experiment. I feel like most people don’t survive it.”

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