Katy Perry helps deliver sister’s baby

Katy Perry claims she helped deliver her sister’s baby and then proceeded to the studio merely hours later. The pop star dropped everything and rushed to assist her sister, Angela Hudson, upon learning the news.

The Unconditionally hitmaker, whose real name is Katheryn Hudson, celebrated via Twitter on Thursday by saying: “Helped deliver my sister’s baby at 2pm & am in the studio by 8pm. GET A GIRL THAT CAN DO BOTH.”

The artist is already familiar with this procedure, as she also assisted with Angela’s first child back in 2014 after giving birth at home.

Perry stated at the time: “Finally you can add “helps delivers babies in living rooms” to my resume! It’s been a miracle of a day … Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie”

The singer later shared in an interview: “My sister gave birth in her living room and I got to be kind of like an assistant doula, which, in a home birth, is kind of just there for support.”

She also spoke highly of her sister, adding: “I was in it! I mean I was holding … I probably shouldn’t give too many details, but my sister actually is a true rock star. She gave birth in her living room without a single Advil!” And although Perry filmed the delivery in its entirety, Angela had initially refused to watch it.

The mega pop star has been making the rounds as of late. This comes after she expressed an interest in working with rival Taylor Swift if only they could put their differences aside. She wishes to work together in the studio if the Shake it Off star apologizes for comments made in the past.

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