Kate Moss and Nikolai Von Bismark are back together

British model Kate Moss is reportedly dating her boyfriend Nikolai Von Bismark once again. The two had broken up back in September after she kicked him out and urged him to get his life together.

An insider explained to The Sun On Sunday: “Kate has missed Nikolai but she wanted to be sure if he came back he’d be calmer.”

But Kate has slowly assessed his behavior and now feels more positive about his maturity.

The source continued: “Before he moved out he was turning the place upside down and frightening her daughter Lila Grace. But she has visited him at his mum’s house and seems reassured. She also invited him over to her house.

In the past week she has said he can come back permanently. They’ve been talking about spending Christmas in Thailand.”

The two previously split over his party-loving lifestyle, prompting the 42-year-old star to become increasingly intolerant of him. And while Kate is no stranger to partying, an insider revealed that Nikolai was much worse and struggled to keep it together.

A source previously explained: “Nik refused to curb his wild lifestyle. Everyone knows that Kate loves to party, but Nik struggled to keep up without going overboard.”

A source had also suggested the split was caused by Nikolai’s strained relationship with her teenage daughter, Lila, whom she had during a previous romance with Jefferson Hack. Rumor has it that the two regularly fought whenever they were in the same room together.

A source revealed: “Kate joked it was like having two kids, but obviously Lila is her priority.”

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