Kate Mara can’t wait to get older

Kate Mara admitted she’s excited about aging as she hopes more work opportunities will become available.

Mara, perhaps best known for her appearance in the Netflix drama House of Cards, looks forward to getting older even though many of her friends do not share the same opinion. She acknowledged that all of her idols are much older and have added some admirable gigs to their resumes.

In an interview with Refinery 29, she shared: “I get excited about getting older because the women that I look up to typically are much older than me and doing much more interesting things than I’m doing. And yeah, I know younger women that are amazing as well. To me, it’s just something that I look forward to.”

The actress thanks this mentality to her upbringing and says she tries not to focus on being fearful.

“But I do think a lot of that has to do with my upbringing, so I know I’m lucky in that sense. I also just try not to focus on it, because it’s just fear. And I don’t know when fear really helps anybody succeed. So I’m trying to keep a check on that because I know that it is a big deal in our industry.”

Mara also thanks her mother and grandmother, as the two were always relaxed about the aging process.

She continued: “My mom never made a big deal about getting older. She still doesn’t, and my grandma never did. I have a huge family, and the women in my family have never put a great deal of energy into that in a negative way.”

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