John Legend on raising a child and his newest single

John Legend says his daughter might just be the calmest and most adorable person he’s ever come to know.

The All of Me singer had Luna with Chrissy Teigen back in April, and despite her young age, the tot is already showing signs of developing a very calm and collected personality.

TV personality Ellen DeGeneres reminded the artist about his wife’s recent appearance on her show, also adding that Luna has his temperament. John replied by adding: “She is adorable. She’s pretty chill so far, and I’m the chill one, of course.

Luna, she smiles a lot. She’s got a good temperament so far, but we’re knocking on wood, we’ve got time. The twos are terrible, she’s only six months, so we’ll see.”

Chrissy made an appearance portraying an awkward, inexperienced stripper on a Magic Mike parody titled Magic Michelle. Her 37-year-old husband said he thoroughly enjoyed the clip, adding: “I loved it. I told her, ‘You’re so sexy that even when you’re trying to be anti-sexy, you’re sexy.'”

Meanwhile, the star had recently gushed about Luna being the new love of his life while speaking about his new single, Love Me Now.

He said: “The sound is pretty similar to my older stuff. It’s still very soulful, a lot of great musicians on the album, and I sing a lot about love still.”

But obviously, I have a new love in my life in addition to my wife, of course we have a little baby girl Luna. So I sing a little bit about her too.”

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