John Legend: I used to be very selfish

John Legend admitted to BBC Music that he was once selfish in his relationship with model Chrissy Teigen. However, the two have faced many challenges during their time together and having a child has gradually helped him change.

He explained: “[There have been] challenges [but we] try to work on what’s wrong. All of us are selfish, especially in our 20s when we’re still building our career. As you get older, you realise you have to care about other people’s feelings.

And then having a kid certainly changes things. They require a lot of energy and thought and time, and you can’t be selfish any more.”

And the 37-year-old singer says he’s very domesticated as this is how his mother raised him: “She wanted all of her boys to be able to take care of themselves. So she made us wash our own clothes, she made us do dishes, she made us clean the bathroom.

I’m not the best at making the bed but I love to cook with Chrissy and help her in the kitchen. I do some chopping. I boil some water. Or she’ll just put me in charge of making a sauce from her book.”

Meanwhile, John had recently explained how becoming a father has helped shape his music career, adding: “I feel good about it. The thing is, you can’t believe the artists when they tell you it’s their best work, because every artist thinks their current album is their best album, because they just spent all this time working on it.

But a lot of my friends and people around me really feel like we put something really special into this album, and I’m just excited for people to finally hear it.

I think [what’s different about it is] just growing up. Having been married for a few years, and having a baby, and all those other things, I think it just informs your perspective a bit and it makes you look at the world a little bit differently. It helped me write songs, and be inspired to write better music, I think,” he explained.

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