Joe Jonas was wary of music streaming

Joe Jonas was once fearful of music streaming due to the uncertainty surrounding this type of distribution. While the switch from physical albums to digital music seemed scary, he now considers it an “exciting” opportunity as his work can reach a much bigger audience.

Services like Spotify and iTunes made the singer wary of this new movement, but he is now embracing them with open arms. He said: “[The shift] was scary for a lot of artists because we weren’t sure where the music industry was going.

But to say we have songs that have been played over 200 million times is pretty unreal. We figured out that it’s not scary, it’s actually exciting because you can find ways to connect with your audience.”

Before forming DNCE, Joe had worked with siblings Nick and Kevin in the massively popular group the Jonas Brothers. He is now grateful that the evolving music industry has enabled him to reinvent himself.

He added: “[I wanted to form another band during Jonas Brothers] but the time never seemed right. [I’m thankful] we’ve come to a place where you can re-create yourself in the music industry.”

During a discussion with Spotify’s Mark Williamson, Joe explained that DNCE had gathered feedback from the website to determine which songs would make it to the group’s upcoming album.

Mark subsequently shared some impressive statistics with the singer, revealing that Mexico City has the largest fan base and the female-male ratio was 57:43. Joe was shocked upon learning the numbers, as he thought it would be around 80:20.

He added that these statistics are very useful for the group, saying at the New York Advertising Week on Tuesday: “Those tools are useful for us. We just got back from touring Mexico and we have a song, ‘Jinx,‘ and they know every word. It’s massive in Mexico.”

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