Jessica Chastain on fame, privacy, and career goals

Jessica Chastain doesn’t quite “get” why fellow celebrities have a tough time getting some privacy as she claims she can fully keep a low profile even in public spaces. The actress encourages others to know their surroundings and not always attend popular “celebrity haunts.”

She told the new issue of C magazine: “In this industry you can set your own privacy. If I go to certain restaurants with my boyfriend I know we’re going to get photographed.

But when the public is involved in your relationship … they can demand or ask questions because they feel like they have an ownership of it, because you sold it. That means they have a say in your private life.”

And the star also discussed what she looks to get out of her movie roles, which is something much more than a mere paycheck.

“My experience with making movies is that I want to walk away from each role, and each set, having learned something and grown as a person. That’s really important for me when choosing a role: What am I going to learn and what am I going to gain from this experience?”

Jessica wasn’t always interested in acting and revealed her grandmother ultimately convinced her to pursue such a career.

She shared: “I had a very active imagination, and then my grandma took me to a play. She made it clear that this was a professional theatre company, that this was their job – she wanted me to know that it was a treat So then I saw a little girl on stage and I was like, ‘OK, so this is totally my job too! This is what I’m going to do. I’m ready.’

My poor mum – I was always like, ‘Mom, can you take me to LA so I can be in commercials?’ I don’t think my parents thought that was even a real possibility!”

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