Jessica Alba reveals the secret to beautiful hair

JJessica Alba – who has two daughters with husband Cash Warren – learned some unique ways to care for her hair and skin tone by using coconut oil. Her mother taught her from a young age to apply a small portion every night, and she now thanks this routine for having such healthy-looking assets.

She told Look magazine: “My mum told me to always take care of my skin, so I did from a very early age and she taught me to put coconut oil or olive oil on my hair every night.”

And the Sin City actress is doing her best to encourage her children to be confident and treat others with respect.

When asked what beauty tips she’d happily pass on, she replied: “It really is more about inner confidence and I want to put more of an emphasis on how they carry themselves and how they treat people. That’ always so much more important than physical beauty.”

In retrospect, Jessica wishes she could have been more confident during her teenage years and not so critical. Asked what she would tell her teenage self, she added: “I think not to be so critical or so hard on myself.

And also, to not think that I have to conform to other people’s ideas of beauty and to be OK with what makes me feel good. I think it took me a while to get to that.”

The 35-year-old star had recently confessed she enjoys taking her kids on business trips, as it allows them to spend quality time while learning about new experiences.

“I go on so many business trips, and they’re usually two to three days. I’ll bring just one at a time and it’ll be like, ‘Mom’s gonna bring you on a special trip. We’ll get to have a sleepover, we’ll get to order room service, we’ll get to rent a movie. It’s really fun!”

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