Jennifer Lawrence pursuing a healthier lifestyle

Jennifer Lawrence has decided to turn her life around by embracing a healthier lifestyle. The star has never been shy about enjoying the occasional tipple, but is now cutting back on alcohol and avoids potentially bad situations.

In fact, an insider revealed that the 26-year-old actress is on a “total detox” thanks to her parents’ advice.

“Jen has been keeping a low profile and staying away from people who could get her into bad habits.

She’s on a total detox right now, which means no boozing or partying, trying to cut out junk food and get fit too. Before she went to Canada in June [to work on ‘Day 6′], her parents sat her down and gave her a talking to.”

The source went on to share that Lawrence is attempting a vegan lifestyle, although she is admittedly having some trouble adapting.

“They don’t want her to get a reputation. Now she’s been on lots of hikes and there are hardly any marathon drinking sessions anymore. She’s almost vegan now, although she does lapse occasionally.”

Meanwhile, the Hunger Games star has been spotted on a few dates with actor-comedian Aziz Ansari. Although the two aren’t necessarily looking for a serious relationship, he frequently flies from New York to Canada to spend time with the star, where she is currently filming.

The source shared with Heat magazine: “Aziz has been to Montreal three times this summer to visit Jen. He knows she is hesitant to officially date him, so he makes it very easy for her.

If it takes two years of being at her beck and call before she realizes she needs him in her life, so be it. It’s friends with benefits at this stage, but there’s definite potential for something serious.”

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