Jennifer Lawrence embarrasses Chris Pratt on set

Chris Pratt co-starred with Jennifer Lawrence on Passengers, but admitted not everything went smoothly with the actress. At one point she let out a “high-pitched” scream when a light bulb exploded, prompting her to blame him for the sudden burst.

Chris revealed during a Reddit AMA session: “We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby and she screamed. High pitched. Very feminine.

Then she immediately looked over at me and said, ‘Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?’ and for the rest of the shoot I couldn’t convince anyone it wasn’t me. I just had to own it.”

The 37-year-old star also joked that he is afraid to work on the Jurassic World sequel as he may not make it through to the end in one piece.

He shared: “It’s amazing I made it out alive. The sequel shoots in a few months. I already have nervous diahrea, diarreah, diarreeah, how the f**k do you spell that? Anyways. Yeah. I’m probably gonna die on the sequel.”

Chris also called wife Anna Faris his favorite actress and hopes they could work in a movie together someday.

A user asked, “Will you and your wife ever do a movie together where you’re both leading? I think you’re both talented and would make an exceptional screen-team!” He then replied: “Yes we will!”

But not everyone is happy about the star’s successful career, as his son Jack thinks the profession is “stupid.”

A fan asked: “Does your son still think you’re a firefighter?”

This followed by the star, saying: “No, he knows I’m an actor. But he thinks it’s kind of stupid. Haha! I suppose he’s right!”

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