Jenna Coleman romantically linked to Tom Hughes

Rumor has it that Jenna Coleman is dating fellow actor Tom Hughes. The two star in the television drama Victoria, where she plays Queen Victoria and Hughes takes on the role of Prince Albert. They have reportedly been spotted together for a few months, although only dating casually.

An insider revealed to the Mail on Sunday: “They’ve been together for months, on and off since last summer. She chose to be with him even though Prince Harry was very keen on her.

The reason the chemistry is so tangible is because they are dating in real life. The scenes are very real. They are completely hooked on one another.”

Sources also claim that Prince Harry unwittingly matched the two as his interest in Coleman led to Hughes ultimately asking her out.

Harry and Coleman – the latter whom had previously dated Richard Madden – were first linked romantically in 2015 as they were caught flirting at a party at Coworth Park, Ascot.

The insider continued: “Ironically Harry is largely responsible for them getting together. Jenna caught Harry’s eye at the polo last year. They flirted and spent the evening together and Harry took her number and they saw each other a couple of times.

Tom was also on the scene and made it very clear that he wasn’t happy about Harry making a move on Jenna. They got together shortly afterwards.”

An onlooker observed as two spent much of the time together, adding: “From their body language it looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company. Harry took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd in the sponsor’s tent.

They sat alone and talked as things were winding up inside the party. It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning into him and he had his hand on her knee.”

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