Jay Z signs deal with ‘The Weinstein Company’

Rap megastar Jay Z has signed a two-year television and movie deal with The Weinstein Company. The contract will allow for a number of projects, with some to be officially unveiled soon.

Jay Z said in a statement: “I’m excited to tell stories from real-life prophets, whom through their struggles have changed the world for the better, and others whose stories are filled with fantasy and delight.”

He went on to praise the work of the company’s founders, adding: “Harvey [Weinstein] and David [Glasser] are visionaries both of whom have done this time and time again. I’m already passionate about what we currently have in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to discovering others.”

Jay Z had previously worked in several high-profile movies such as Annie and The Great Gatsby.

Harvey Weinstein added: “Having known Jay on a personal level for many years we are thrilled by the opportunity to expand our relationship. Jay’s ability to influence entertainment and pop culture has gone well beyond music for many years.

He approaches every aspect of his career with both determination and effortlessness, making him one of the leading power players in entertainment history. We already have some exceptional projects in the works and are excited to see what more is to come.”

President and COO David Glasser also stated: “Jay Z is an entertainment mogul with an unparalleled sense of the industry and limitless creativity. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to collaborate with him as we continue to grow our TV division and look towards many more opportunities to create fresh content.”

The 46-year-old entrepreneur is also involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry, including fashion and sports through his own Roc Nation company.

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