Jason Statham wants to learn three new languages

Jason Statham is apparently big on languages, revealing his desire to learn French, Spanish, and German in between movie roles.

Statham, who is currently dating actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, told Hello! magazine: “I will start with Spanish, then I’ll go onto French and German.”

The Mechanic: Resurrection actor had also talked about his exercise routine, which has helped him stay in shape at the age of 49.

He stated: “It’s more preventative medicine for me. You try to maintain the body a little a little bit more. Before, I just worked hard, then relaxed.

But that was a decade ago. Now it’s more about being consistent. It’s harder to come back – I prefer balance these days. The mind follows the body, that’s what I believe.”

Although the couple enjoys a good life in Hollywood, he insists his heart remains in Britain.

“All my family is there. Right now I am travelling the world doing my thing, but when I am back in England I truly feel at home.”

His parents, however, visit America often and he doesn’t feel too lonely as a result.

“I love spending time with them. That’s the best thing in life. At the end of the day, it’s never about where you are but who you’re with.”

The star then talked about the importance of friendship, adding: “I spent the best times ever sitting in a pub with a bunch of friends. I love that as much as being on the top of a mountain. To share good times is the best. Good friendship, I would never want to miss.”

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