Jane Seymour, 65, isn’t retiring any time soon

Jane Seymour, perhaps best known as a Bond girl in 1973’s Live and Let Die, says she has no plans to call it a day any time soon. The actress insists there’s “so much more” she wants to accomplish despite her lengthy career and success.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: “There’s still so much to do. I’m always up for doing more so I’m not retiring anytime soon. I’ve been lucky to remain working all these years.”

The Fifty Shades of Black actress – who is currently working on a 007 documentary titled Becoming Bond – revealed the secret to her success as a working woman. She credits regular meditation, spending quality time with her family and living comfortably as much as possible.

When asked how she manages to handle everyday life so well, the Golden Globe winner said: “I meditate. balance it all by spending weekends at home with my grandkids. It helps that I live in Malibu across from the beach so being at home feels like I’m on holiday.”

And the 65-year-old star insists she has never had cosmetic work done, crediting her youthful looks to simply hanging out with others who are younger than her.

“It’s always flattering for a woman to be told she’s attractive,” Jane said regarding the positive comments she read on social media.

I had no idea I got that feedback on Twitter. I’ve never had cosmetic surgery and hang out with people half my age – mostly my adult children’s friends who have become mine. My mother did it too. It keeps you young and works a treat.”

Jane also thanks her grandchildren for keeping her young, describing the experience as “magical.”

“I love having my grandchildren over. I think playing with the grandchildren keeps me young. They have endless energy, and it’s so much fun. you get so suckered in the minute that first grandchild comes along.

It almost seems more magical than when you had your own children!”

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