Jack Osbourne gets parenting advice from his family

Jack Osbourne confessed he relies on his family for parental advice and is still learning best ways to raise his two children, Pearl and Andy.

The television personality – who shares his kids with wife Lisa Stelly – credits his parents for a great upbringing and now looks up to them while raising his own children.

He told People magazine: “Both my parents were really big about the way they communicated to us. My mom would always talk to us like we’re humans – same with my dad.

It was never that, like, ‘We’re your parents and we’re just this dominant figure in your life.’ It [was] always a conversation, which I think is really important to be able to have – communicating with a kid on their level versus trying to talk down to a kid.

There are times when you do have to come in and discipline and drop the hammer a little bit, but I think it’s contextualizing why you’re doing it after the fact – after the tears have gone away, it’s then explaining, ‘Hey listen, that happened because of this.'”

Jack also acknowledged how easy it is to go about your day when you are not a parent, adding: “There’s an ignorant freedom without being a parent. You don’t realise how you can do things at ease, and you can just jump on a plane and you can just get in your car and go.

There’s certain things that you don’t [understand how easy they are] until [they’re gone]. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world … I think I’m a pretty realistic parent. I like to try and ride the line of being fun, but yet mean when I say, ‘This is how it’s gonna be.'”

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