Igor Tarabasov wants Lindsay Lohan to keep her engagement ring

Actress Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov broke off their engagement after several public arguments. According to a source, the family would like her to keep the engagement ring to support herself financially in the future.

They had reportedly stated: “That’s her severance package. When she runs out of money, she can sell it on 47th Street for $60,000.”

While it was reported that Tarabasov’s mother told him to end the romance, his parents have also urged him to work and freeze his trust fund as a means of improving his professional life.

The source further revealed to the New York Post’s Page Six column: “The father has told Egor, ‘You had your Hollywood fling, now it’s time to move on to a Russian girl and start working. The father is considering, as a last resort, to freeze his trust fund in order to get some sense into him.”

Lohan’s father, Michael, had recently claimed that Tarabasov was only using Lohan to live the lifestyle of Hollywood celebrities.

He said: “I have no idea [if he’s wealthy]. All I know if my daughter is paying most of the bills and trips were complimentary because of Lindsay’s name. She was a segue way for him to live that lifestyle.”

The 56-year-old also wishes for her daughter to settle with a “normal” guy, preferably outside of the entertainment industry.

“I wish she’d settle down with a nice, normal, sober guy. Someone who does as much for her as she does for them, and not someone in the entertainment business.”

He had previously sent threatening text messages to Tarabasov after the young businessman tried to take away her phone.

When asked to confirm the rumors, he said: “Absolutely, and I stand by them. Grabbing and choking my daughter? Her friends said she had black and blue marks all over her neck, chest and arm. You’d think he would have called me up and apologized or given me an explanation, but he didn’t.”

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