Iggy Azalea no longer feels connected to Australia

Iggy Azalea admitted she no longer has a “home connection” to her native Australia and thinks of America as her new home.

The 26-year-old rapper – who was born in Sydney – enjoys making the occasional return to her home land but has no desires or plans to move back permanently.

She told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper: “I mean, to be honest with you, my home is in America. I’ve lived there for a decade, that’s where I live. It’s great to come back and visit my grandparents, but there is no home connection. It would be like you going home to where you lived when you were nine, I kind of don’t associate with that anymore.”

The blonde beauty is also proud of her accomplishments and always looks to compete as a way of improving herself.

“To be the best, you want to compete with the best. The people I saw back then who I saw in the charts, who were at the top of our charts, were American.

I am proud, but I think anybody would be proud of the success that I’ve had, whether they come from a big city or a small town. It’s tough, no matter what.”

Despite feeling better in America, the artist did spend a month in her native country after splitting from Nick Young.

She previously stated: “I hope it will be a bit of a summer getaway and I can work too. It will be summer so hopefully I can get out and chill and show everybody that is coming with me the good food and the beach and play some tennis and ride horses. Spending a month in Australia is the longest I will have spent there in literally like 10 years.”

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