Here he comes: Stephen Colbert kicks off Late Show tonight

Months after leaving the platform that made him famous, Stephen Colbert is “twitching” to get his new gig going, and it will finally happen on Tuesday September 8.

Colbert left his Comedy Central satirical hit The Colbert Report earlier this year to become the second ever Late Show host after David Letterman’s retirement in May.  As The New York Daily News reports, it’s been a long summer wait for Colbert to show his stuff but as a reward, CBS has given his premiere show nine extra minutes of running time.  Colbert will be interviewing George Clooney and presidential candidate George Bush in the newly remodeled Ed Sullivan theater.

Telling reporters on Monday that he was “twitching” to get going, Colbert admitted, “I’ve had too much time in the simulator.  I need to get in the jet.”

Colbert is entering a competitive late night scene that has drawn criticism for being predominantly white and male.  As Fortune reports, his CBS show will be taking on the extremely popular Jimmy Fallon on NBC and the viral-prone Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.  Due to the charisma of these two performers, companies have upped their spending on late night ads by 14% in the last year.

Analysts expect Colbert to be “an acquired taste” who may take a while to resonate with viewers.  So far, his list of guests skewer towards the political, with vice president Joe Biden on the slate next week.  However, the tactic may work in the long run with the 2016 elections just around the corner.

In any case, viewers are excited to see what will happen with Colbert in late night–stay tuned.


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