Guy Sebastian slams Iggy Azalea

Guy Sebastian has criticized fellow X Factor judge Iggy Azalea by claiming she’s partly responsible for the show’s declining viewership.

The star slammed the 26-year-old rapper for not being more involved and went as far as calling her “a weirdo” to get his point across.

Explaining the potential reasons for the show’s lack of success, Sebastian readily claimed she simply didn’t fit in. He told the Herald Sun newspaper: “The ratings were a huge struggle, but I think there was a lot against us.

[The season] was brutally short. We said goodbye to four people in one episode. I mean, come on. And it wasn’t the right chemistry on the panel.

[Iggy is] a bit of a weirdo. I don’t really get Iggy. You’ve got to be invested and she didn’t turn up.”

And the 35-year-old star asked for big changes to be made on the program, which was ultimately won by Isaiah Firebrace.

He shared: “It’s time to evolve the show. People aren’t stupid. They know manufactured television, and they know when something has run its course and people are clutching at straws.”

Meanwhile, the Conscious singer had also discussed his controlling, religious upbringing to reflect on the hit song’s origins: “I was in something that was very manipulative and very controlling, but there are a lot of beautiful people who are in the faith.

For me, I was in a scenario that … didn’t necessarily embrace individuality. It became very much about a set of rules and you’re judged on that. If anybody broke away from it, or questioned it, then you had a ‘bad attitude,’ or were ‘drifting away,’ or ‘not worthy.’

It’s OK to ask questions and go through your own journey. More so, it’s important to know people grow up differently than you, and they believe different things. It’s not about who’s right or wrong.”

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