Grimes wants to appear on ‘Game of Thrones’

Grimes admitted to be a big Game of Thrones fan and is determined to land a role before the show ends its run. However, she also fears this may never happen as her managers have tried to get her the gig multiple times without success. She also believes that the fantasy drama bosses are increasingly annoyed due to their perseverance.

She told InStyle magazine: “I think my management have asked numerous times whether I can audition for the roles. They’re probably getting annoyed with me!”

The sixth season ended earlier this year and Grimes admitted she was rather depressed as a result.

“I am actually quite depressed about it. Like when ‘Harry Potter’ ended, I was literally depressed about it for seven years.”

In the meantime, the Genesis hitmaker has taken up another “hobby” as a UFC fighter while she waits for Thrones to come back.

She added: “I’m just finishing up on tour and then I’m gonna start training for the UFC. I would like to spend the next two years training for the UFC.”

Her music career will be put on hiatus as she has been consistently touring and says she needs a break.

“Upon failing that then I will return to music. I’m really serious. I haven’t had a beak since before Visions I’ve been touring and you know I just really wanna go at something else. I have a lot of energy, I love working out. I’m obsessed with the UFC.

I just really want to become an elite fighter. I’m actually dead serious about this. I mean I’m not gonna make it into the UFC, obviously.”

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