Gal Gadot once hated Los Angeles

Gal Gadot admitted her former hatred toward Los Angeles when she first moved as everyone apparently knew one another. The actress also found the city overwhelming because everyone was somehow connected to the entertainment industry.

When asked about her thoughts about the city, she shared with The National Enquirer: “I didn’t like it at all. It felt like everyone was in the industry – the waitress is an actress and the guy at the gas station is a producer. It was too much for me. But I made friends, and now I can find myself in LA.”

Gadot – who has a young daughter with husband Yaron Versano – revealed she was unsure about her future acting career after pregnancy. Although she always “hesitates” while filming away from home, the actress feels she made the right choice as a means of being a positive role model for her daughter.

“There is always hesitation, Alma comes before everything. Before I had her, when I was just thinking about getting into acting, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with travelling. We lead a really hectic life.

My husband told me, ‘What kind of role model do you want to be? You love to work, you love to challenge yourself.’ That made me realize I want my daughter to believe everything is possible. There are a lot of logistics of course. You never sleep in, but it’s worth it.”

Speaking of role models, the 31-year-old star credits her mother for setting a strong example and giving her an unforgettable childhood.

She explained: “My mom [is my role model]. I tell her so, often, to her face. She raised me and my sister to always believe in ourselves.

I had a very happy childhood. I was a tomboy. I had bruises on my knees. I played volleyball, basketball, tennis and dodgeball and I was a dancer all my life too.”

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