Felicity Jones praises Tom Hank’s humble personality

Felicity Jones had recently worked with actor Tom Hanks in the movie Inferno and is praising him over his approachable personality. The star claims that working with him was very pleasing and is happy to see he hasn’t been corrupted by fame over the years.

Tom plays Robert Langdon alongside the 32-year-old actress, which allowed her to get to know him a lot more.

She told The Telegraph Online: “I felt totally embraced by him. He is so unegotistical – he hasn’t been in any way corrupted by fame.”

The star revealed she’s a big fan of the iconic actor. Prior to working with him, she spent time watching many of the films in which he’s starred over the past several decades.

When asked what she enjoyed prior to meeting him, she simply said: “I did watch lots of his films again – I love ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’

Meanwhile, the actress says she’s grateful because she is able to socialize without attracting too much attention from eager fans.

Felicity first appeared in the TV movie The Treasure Seekers at age 12 and has enjoyed relative success since then. She explained: “I am quite fortunate, because I can still be quite incognito.”

She also gave some advice on how to remain anonymous by adding: “If you go out looking for attention then you’ll attract it, but if you’re just getting on with your life, particularly in London where everyone is engrossed in what they’re doing, you can keep a measure of anonymity.”

And she used to have a certain belief regarding the film industry, but has since changed her opinion: “I did think that acting would be much more like being a pop star. Now I’m here, I can’t think of anything more different.”

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