Emily Blunt feels confident and relaxed as a mother

Emily Blunt has learned to relax a lot more since giving birth to her second child three months ago. The star, who is married to actor John Krasinski, has learned not to panic partly thanks to her experience in managing her first.

She told Extra: “I wonder if it’s the second kid – you’re so relaxed, and then they’re relaxed. Your energy is not like, ‘Oh my God, am I gonna kill this child by something that I’m doing?'”

The 33-year-old actress also praises her first kid, Hazel, for being such a well-behaved older sibling.

“She’s taken to it well. She’s doing brilliantly, she’s very kind to her … She was sort of indifferent, and then really loved her.”

The star had previously expressed a strong opinion about “mummy cults,” insisting they do not help women and only makes them feel pressured.

She shared: “There is a huge societal pressure on women when it comes to motherhood, and these ‘mummy cults’ that go on. It makes women feel that they have to be a bit defensive about the choices they make – whether they want to be a mother or whether they don’t, whether they want to breastfeed or whether they don’t. I could go on and on.”

She believes that her latest film, The Girl on the Train, can help vulnerable moms relate and learn more about each other.

“In the domestic world, I think it’s when women can be a bit cruel about each other, more so than any other environment. And I think this film really captures that … I think women will really relate to the film and see aspects of themselves, or themselves fully, in any one of these characters.”

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