Eddie Redmayne has a cat allergy, and he is ashamed

Eddie Redmayne revealed he is not only allergic to cats, but he is quite embarrassed to admit it. The actor finds it “awful” having to rely on medication whenever he’s around the animal, which typically causes sneezing and itchy eyes.

He told Esquire magazine: “I’m really allergic to cats, which is a bit awful. It’s really embarrassing, whenever you’re near a cat to have to take an antihistamine.”

And although he is now a successful star, Eddie’s “low point” took place after university as he worked in hospitality and was a staff member at the British Soap Awards.

He explained: “Basically, the guests would come into one studio and you’d feed them alcohol to get them really drunk, then you’d get them into another studio to watch the soap awards, the idea being that they were super rowdy and that made great television. On their way into the other studio they had to hand their empties in, and all the guys from ‘Hollyoaks’ piled theirs on my tray.

I remember one of them went, ‘Check this out!’ and put another one on top and I said, ‘Please don’t…’ And they smashed over. I remember feeling pretty deathly. [Who was it?] I can’t remember. I’ve got a visual … I think they’re long gone.”

His role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a dream for the actor after he was denied a part in the Harry Potter movie franchise. He had previously auditioned to play Tom Riddle, but the job was ultimately given to Christian Coulson.

“It was with the apprentice of the apprentice of the apprentice of the casting director and I didn’t get beyond that first audition. And then I had years of slightly thinking there might be a role in a Weasley … I kind of loved Ron. I don’t know why.”

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