Donald Trump’s latest outrageous comments on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show turns heads

Donald Trump dropped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and if you think he’s about to tone down the rhetoric, you’re wrong.

Fallon asked the billionaire developer if he has ever apologized for anything, and Trump was quite clear: he’ll apologize, if someone can prove he’s wrong, according to an Associated Press report.

Trump said apologizing is a “great thing,” but noted that in order to apologize one must be wrong, something that may happen to him in the “distant future,” but certainly not in the present time, he said according to the report.

Fallon also asked him why he was so popular among voters in the Republican party, and Trump said that it was because they want the United States to “be respected again,” and that if he were to become president, that would happen.

Trump has had a complicated relationship with Tonight Show owner NBC. He recently bought NBC’s half of the Miss Universe Organization, formally ending NBC’s relationship with the organization after Trump made his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants in which he insinuated that many of them were rapists. Trump hosted the “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.

Donald Trump has grown a name for himself as one of the most outspoken rich men on the planet. He built his billions by being a real estate developer, and also by becoming a television personality through the apprentice. He is known for his lavish hotels and casinos.

He is the son of Fred Trump, who was a New York real estate developer. He worked at his father’s firm as he attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was given control of his father’s company in 1971, and he renamed it the Trump Organization. Trump announced his candidacy for president on June 16. He has previously hinted at the possibility of running in prior elections, but until now he had not pulled the trigger.

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