Dolly Parton was once mistaken for a prostitute

Dolly Parton says she once pulled a gun on a stranger after he confused her and a friend with a prostitute. The man tried to pick them up as the two walked in the streets of New York, prompting the singer to showcase the firearm she had in her bag.

Parton explained to the National Enquirer: “I was in New York walking with a girlfriend when some man came on to us.

He thought we were hookers I guess, and he propositioned us. Well, I stuck my hand in my bag, pulled out my gun, pointed it at him and told him if he didn’t take a hike I’d turn him into a soprano. He left us alone right quickly after that.”

The artist was forced to carry protection following multiple death threats from a Kentucky resident in the past. This wasn’t the only incident, however, as she was also harassed due to the “gay days” that were once staged at her Dollywood theme park. This prompted organizer Ryan Salyer to cancel the event in 2009 after numerous threats from Ku Klux Klan members.

An insider explained: “Dolly has now been targeted by the KKK for more than 10 years. She’s a Christian, but she marches to her own beat and says she isn’t in the business of judging anyone.”

Despite standing up to her decisions and beliefs, the source says Parton is now more conscious due to such incidents.

“Dolly won’t back down on what she believes in, but she’s gotten weird letters from some unhinged people that have really unnerved her. She feels like she’s got a bulls-eye on her back.”

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