David Oyelowo says Daniel Craig is an ‘obsessive workaholic’

David Oyelowo admitted that he and Daniel Craig are obsessive with their work. The two worked together on Othello and noticed how they consistently seek out perfection.

He shared with Entertainment Tonight: “I don’t mean in terms of feeling like we’re not getting it right. Just the work – the work to get it right.

And more often than not, I find myself in situations where I am the most obsessed one on that set or in the play. [Daniel’s an] equally obsessive workaholic nutter. The rigor he places on himself and the text and the desire and need to pursue the truth is really amazing and is what I like to think I have as well.”

Meanwhile, David had previously confessed he is a reluctant “spokesperson for diversity” and always looks forward to change in the industry.

He shared: “I am a spokesperson for diversity, reluctantly. Because if I don’t do it, then I am part of the problem. And we do have a problem. I recently worked with four female directors in a row and that has been made such a big deal of. No one highlights when an actor works with 15, 20, 25 male directors in a row.”

And he admits not everyone is open to diversity, adding: “My refrain is that we need to stop talking about diversity and just start doing diversity. We all have our bias, so the only way to have true diversity is to have more of a mix of people who are decision-makers in order that their natural bias is what is seen.

I’m aware there are people who, the minute I open my mouth, are rolling their eyes thinking, ‘Oh, here we go again’. They have the notion that you are calling them racist or whatever. But I am not. I am just telling you my experience: it is a struggle to get stories told that reflect the society that we live in.”

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