Danny DeVito: Donald Trump is a clown act

Danny DeVito has accused Republican Candidate Donald Trump of not being a people person and said he would move to the UK if he wins the November election.

While speaking to Chris Moyles on UK’s radio station Radio X, the star said: “I’m looking at the real estate [in the UK].”

The actor revealed he had met the controversial candidate in the past and noticed he has a knack for alienating people.

“Oh yeah, our paths crossed once or twice. It’s just that he’s really self-centered and into his own thing and he does what he does very well, which is alienate folks.”

The Batman Returns star went on to call Trump a “clown act” and even questioned whether he has any friends left.

He continued: “Basically, if you look at it, you look at the clown act on one side – Donald. I don’t know about his personal life, whether he has friends or not. His family seems to be standing by him.”

DeVito also made a comparison between Trump and UK politics, noting the country’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson and saying they are “cut from the same cloth”.

He shared: “It’s like Boris – you’ve got the guy, your ‘Head…’ what is he? He represents you in the world. They’re cut from the same cloth.”

Other celebrities have bluntly expressed concern and hatred toward the Celebrity Apprentice businessman. Olivia Wilde had recently reacted to an ad in which Trump was heard bashing women in the past.

This prompted the star to tweet to her followers: “As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core.”

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