Daniel Radcliffe says Hollywood is racist

Daniel Radcliffe says that Hollywood has undeniable racial tendencies, although he acknowledges that progress is being made. More specifically, he believes the film industry is lagging behind and isn’t appreciating what people of different races can bring to the table.

When asked whether Hollywood is racist on BBC’s The Victoria Derbyshire show, he added: “Yes. I mean it’s pretty undeniable, that’s the thing, we like to think of ourselves as being a very progressive industry but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas and it’s been very well documented.

I think there’s lots of things about the Oscars, there’s lots of amazing performances every year that don’t get recognised. I feel like there’s a lot that’s unseen about the process.”

However, the star also feels that we are slowly moving in the right direction: “I do think that now these things have come up things are going to start changing. I’m starting to see it in scripts that I read.”

The 27-year-old also finds it surprising there is still a gender pay gap and considers it “crazy” that the industry works this way.

Speaking about sexism, he added: “Jennifer Lawrence was the person who wrote that letter and started that whole conversation.

It’s crazy that that still goes on and it’s also in department to department in the industry too. There are some departments that are predominantly male, and again that’s something that is changing, but it’s interesting.”

The Harry Potter star had previously expressed some level of disgust about the fact that people have to identify themselves as sexists. In his eyes, the actor would like everyone to be like this “by default.”

He said: “It’s sad that people are having to come out as feminist. I thought we’d have got beyond this point. I would hope it would be assumed of me that I was one.”

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