Daniel Radcliffe on feminism and gender equality concerns

Daniel Radcliffe is a proud feminist, but is disappointed that people have to disclose it as opposed to this being the norm. And although the actor is more than happy to represent women, he acknowledges there is a serious lack of roles for actresses in the entertainment industry.

He told Elle magazine: “It’s sad that people are having to come out as feminist.

I thought we’d have got beyond this point. I would hope it would be assumed of me that I was one. You see amazing male characters, and there is an absolute dearth of roles for women.”

The Harry Potter actor had previously thought that gender equality issues were a thing of the past, but then realized this wasn’t the case.

“It is nuts to me. I’m incredibly glad gender equality has come up because I had just f***ing naively thought this was not an issue any more because how can this still be happening?”

The actor encouraged influencers to step up in order to eliminate any and all discrimination and bias in the industry.

He continued: “It’s crazy. It is definitely the time for our industry to step up. Especially if we want to pride ourselves on being a liberal, progressive industry then you can’t be doing that.”

Radcliffe was also shocked when he found out that men and women are paid differently for playing similar roles.

He added: “What I found shocking about the whole ‘American Hustle‘ thing, and please correct me if I’m wrong – but if I have this right, they had all the boys on one deal and all the girls on another deal.

That, to me, is shocking … stuff like that is crazy and the thing I can’t help but think is, ‘Who? Who’s doing that? What guy is sitting in a studio somewhere thinking let’s f**k the girls out of some money?'”

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