Celine Dion says her birth was an accident

Celine Dion says her family often calls her an accidental child due to the fact that her father never wanted children and she is the youngest.

While celebrating her 1,000th show of her Las Vegas residency, which started in 2003 to massive success, she explained to the audience: “I am the last of 14 children, and I am known as the accident.

My father wanted no children. Zero to 14? We can see who was wearing the pants in this family. It was not my father.”

The star is also very grateful about her accomplishments, admitting she was amazed about the show’s milestone. She added: “One thousand shows? I don’t feel that old!”

Celine – who lost both her husband and brother to cancer earlier this year- enjoyed a break from her residency with her sons and visited her native Canada.

She shared: “We have been touring this summer. We went on a little vacation, well they told us we were going on a vacation but I think the transition from English to French was not quite right because we went on tour.

It is a good thing that we love what we do. We had such a great time, and we got to see our families, friends, and our kids had such a great time to play with cousins, my mum and brothers and sisters, and we ate corn on the cob and sat at fires outside.”

The star also joked about the relaxing activities one can get away with in Canada but not in Vegas, adding: “It was so wonderful because when I went home with my kids they were playing bare feet in the grass with frogs and worms…because here Vegas you cannot go out in bare feet ..no no.

It is way too hot. It was wonderful and what we all needed.. fun. I am amazed my mum is going to be 90 years old and I am so proud of her for what they gave us.”

However, she was also happy to be back on stage after the much-needed vacation.

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