Carolyn Murphy splits from Lincoln Pilcher

Carolyn Murphy has reportedly split from boyfriend Lincoln Pilcher, whom she was dating for three years, according to the New York Post newspaper.

The actress-model and Pilcher had kept their personal lives private and were rarely seen together in public.

Murphy had previously said: “There are some things we have to keep sacred.”

However, they didn’t shy away from openly practicing “transcendental meditation” and the star admitted she’s worked with an energy healer for over two decades.

She had previously praised her healer, adding: “She’s one of my secrets to staying sane.”

The star was married to Jake Schroeder from 1999 to 2002 and the two had a daughter together. She then began dating Brandon Boyd of the band Incubus.

Known partly for her good looks, the blonde beauty had previously stated there is much more to her than what’s on the surface.

“So often the American woman has been typified by a standard of outward beauty: blond hair, blue eyes, healthy build. I see the evolution of the real American woman as being more about her spirit.

She can roll up her sleeves and get dirty. She can do it all – she is classy and she is casual. Neither holds more importance than the other, and the beauty is in her effortlessness.”

Murphy also thanked her nationality for forming her identity, sharing: “I’ve been cast as every blonde icon, you name it: Grace Kelly, Romy Schneider. But what’s interesting to me now is what lies behind the facade of the photo – this idea of being American, and what that means, how that defines you.”

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