Camila Alves enjoys exercising while cooking

Camila Alves has been quite busy running her Yummy Spoonfuls business and tending to her family with actor Matthew McConaughey. This has led her to get creative by working out in between cooking to stay in shape.

The 34-year-old model – who has three young children with McConaughey – launched the growing infant meals brand in partnership with Target stores along with the help of Agatha Achindu.

Calves admits that finding time for gym has proven difficult, prompting her to develop a workout routine consisting of simple lifting and stretching while in the kitchen.

She told People magazine: “If I’m cooking, I’ll do leg lifts. There are certain things you can do. My days are really hectic with a lot of conference calls, so now I get out and walk while I’m on them.”

The advice was given in the magazine’s Wellness Issue, in which prominent women share their best secrets to look great.

Jessica Alba had revealed she does intensive workouts twice a week for energy rather than focusing merely on looking better.

The Sin City star – who has two children with husband Cash Warren and runs her consumer goods business The Honest Company – admitted: “Now it’s less about what my body is going to look like and more about how it makes me feel for the rest of the day. (Endorphin-boosting workouts) make me feel more productive and alert. And it’s a stress reliever.”

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Kelsea Ballerini said she just recently started embracing a series of workouts to keep her shape while on tour.

The musician added: “I just started working out a month ago, because I hate it. I don’t love cardio, but I want to feel stronger and I want to feel toned, so we do smaller weights and a ton of reps. I noticed I have more endurance now when I’m running around performing.”

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