Bryce Dallas Howard refused to ‘Google’ herself due to criticism fears

Bryce Dallas Howard says she used to occasionally Google herself out of curiosity. But she made the decision to cut back on the habit in 2007 after coming across some less-than-glamorous opinions from the general public.

The actress, who is married to fellow actor Seth Gabel, explained: “I gave birth to my son and I needed to do press afterwards for ‘Spider Man 3’.

So two weeks after giving birth, I had gained quite a bit of weight and everyone had been, you know, really nice up until that point. And I remember going onto a message board and thinking, ‘Oh the premiere was last night what are they going to say?’

But it was intense. And I remember feeling gutted, shutting the computer and just saying ‘never again’.”

The Jurassic World star had also remained away from popular social media sites, and this might explain the reason. She continued: “I think in a way that’s a little bit why I stayed away from social media for so long.”

Meanwhile, the actress – who has a young daughter with her husband – had previously expressed some interest in twerking due to her love of hip-hop and dancing in general.

She added: “I’d love to be a killer hip-hop dancer. I want to be able to twerk.”

It’s clear the star is making an effort to connect with pop culture a bit more, as she wishes to have better memory for popular lingo and song lyrics.

“I’d like to be one of those people who can instantly remember lyrics. I can’t do lyrics or idioms. Recently, I tried to say to my husband the phrase ‘What am I, chopped liver?’ but I got it wrong. Instead, I said ‘What am I, mashed potato?'”

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