Bryan Tanaka admits he’s “always had a thing” for Mariah Carey

Bryan Tanaka, who is rumored to be dating Mariah Carey, has confessed he has always been attracted to the star.

The two attended the Mariah’s World premiere party in New York City, and he readily opened up about their mutual admiration.

He told E! News: “I’ve always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much. Just make sure you tune in to the show and you’ll see kind of how everything happens … We’ve been friends for a long time. I do a little dance move here and there and we have a good time. It will be fun …

Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration. She saw something in me that I actually didn’t recognise at first, from that it was over. It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, some how.”

And the self-proclaimed diva also had a thing or two to add: “It’s really nice, especially when you’ve worked with somebody in the past and then you get to work with them again and just see how everybody’s grown creatively and all that,” she confessed.

Despite their devotion, Mariah had recently refused to specify whether the two are actually dating.

She explained: “I refuse to answer under the grounds that it may incriminate me.”

Speculation about a potential relationship only intensified after the two were seen together in Maui, Hawaii.

An eyewitness added: “They were all over each other, making out and not wanting to be more than a few feet apart. They swam in the ocean and he picked her up to kiss her. She was jumping into his arms, and he bent her back over his knee like they were dancing.

Meanwhile, the singer has swiftly moved on from her former fiancé, James Packer, by remaining positive.

“Oh, I can’t give somebody that much power. Are you kidding me? … You gotta keep on pushing,” she shared.

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