Bruno Mars says music brings people closer

Bruno Mars admitted he entered the music business primarily to make an emotional and physical impact in society, insisting that music was created for “guys and girls to get together.”

He shared with Culture magazine: “The girls I liked weren’t listening to Elvis. They were listening to New Edition, Boyz II Men. So that’s where I started changing. [It] absolutely [worked]. Any musician will say that’s what they got into it for. That’s why I’m doing it …

If you ask me, 95% of music is about love. Cavemen hitting rocks and sticks around the fire so the guys and girls can get together, and magic happens. That’s what music was built for.”

And the 31-year-old artist had previously said he hopes to be remembered for his music and not any unfavorable controversy.

He explained: “I hope that my music does the talking. I just wanna do music. It could be boring for people this day and age, but I don’t wanna be known for no scandals or controversy. I want to be the guy that brings joy to your life through his music. That’s it.”

Bruno also doesn’t shy away from his past mistakes and failures, as these experiences have defined him as a person today.

“[Those days] sucked, but in a beautiful way. Without getting dropped, I might not be here. All of these things you have to go through. It ain’t easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The worst absolute moment was telling everybody I got dropped. I’m broke. I’m in debt. Walking into a room saying, ‘Yeah, I’m a signed Motown artist,’ then walking in and saying, ‘I’m a dropped Motown artist.’ But I’m not blaming anybody over there.”

He continued: “Sylvia Rhone gave me a deal and the timing wasn’t right. I had to go through this journey. I had to meet Jeff [Bhasker] and beg him to come play at Pickwick’s Pub on Ventura with me. I had to sing these songs and gig. I was 20-years-old. I wasn’t even supposed to be in these places probably.”

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