Bruno Mars says failure only made him stronger

Bruno Mars had a tough time finding stability and fame earlier in his career, and while he suffered for a time, the star says this experience has turned him into a stronger artist and person.

He revealed on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show: “[Those days] sucked, but in a beautiful way. Without getting dropped, I might not be here.”

Bruno believes these hurdles are sometimes necessary, as everyone would be a successful artist without effort otherwise.

“All of these things you have to go through. It ain’t easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The worst absolute moment was telling everybody I got dropped. I’m broke. I’m in debt. Walking into a room saying, ‘Yeah, I’m a signed Motown artist,’ then walking in and saying, ‘I’m a dropped Motown artist.’ But I’m not blaming anybody over there.

Sylvia Rhone gave me a deal and the timing wasn’t right. I had to go through this journey. I had to meet Jeff [Bhasker] and beg him to come play at Pickwick’s Pub on Ventura with me. I had to sing these songs and gig. I was 20-years-old. I wasn’t even supposed to be in these places probably.”

The 31-year-old musician hopes he will always be remembered for his artistic talent rather than controversial moments and unfortunate incidents.

He said regarding his future career: “I hope that my music does the talking. I just wanna do music. It could be boring for people this day and age, but I don’t wanna be known for no scandals or controversy.

I want to be the guy that brings joy to your life through his music. That’s it.”

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