Bruce Springsteen opens up about ongoing depression

Bruce Springsteen revealed he’s been having therapy to treat his depression for three decades and admits the sessions have proved useful.

The singer opened up following the many fans he has met while promoting his autobiography, Born to Run. He says that some have openly shared how his music helped them get through tough personal situations.

When asked whether his decision to speak up will encourage others to seek medical help, he jokingly told BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo: “I would advise everyone to immediately run to the nearest psychologist, everyone could use a little help.”

This followed by a more serious note: “I’ve been having it for 30 years, the first guy died on me, I’ve got another guy now, but I’ve found it to be useful.”

The star credits the art of music for helping people cope with certain circumstances, adding: “One of things I’ve heard recently, because I’ve met my fans one by one at the book signings, and one of the common things people say is, ‘You helped through this particular time or that particular time’.

It’s one of the things that music does well. It can support you when times get hard, it’s just fundamentally uplifting, it is one of the things music can do.”

Aside from his widely accepted music, the artist is known for his lengthy concerts and says he still finds joy in performing. He also insists that he doesn’t grow tired of his most popular songs as experiencing them through different crowds helps keep them fresh.

“I enjoy it, a good song has open arms and it takes in the years and your new audience. When you come out at night, if you have one foot on stage and one in the crowd you get to hear it anew through their ears.

I can look down and see someone who is hearing it for the first time, and it refreshes it for me, I still enjoy it.”

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