Bruce Springsteen is a big Kanye West fan

Bruce Springsteen recently named some of his favorite artists, and to many people’s surprise, Kanye West stands among them. The veteran musician admires his undeniable creativity and described his records as “amazing.”

He said while speaking at Apple’s SoHo store on Wednesday: “I like Kanye West. He makes great records. They are creative, amazing records.”

As for rockers, Bruce was happy to include Green Day along with his pals U2, adding that they are “consistently great.”

“Green Day make great records. They are always thoughtful and intense. They play great together. My old friends U2 are playing just fine. They are consistently great.”

While his last album is now two years old, the artist claimed he’s had a new one finished for a while now. However, he refused to reveal a release date at the moment.

He stated: “It’s been done for a while and it’s pretty good, It’s kind of a solo record.”

And Bruce – who is currently promoting his memoir Born to Run – says he was eager to release the book so that fans would learn about everyone that has ever inspired him.

“I wanted to let people know what were the influences on my music. I wrote songs to figure out who I was.”

The artist – who has battled clinical depression in the past – says that songwriting serves as an effective type of therapy.

He added: “As a child, it didn’t register. When I was a kid, it was a deep mystery. I think my music is the first thing that centered me. It was medicinal. … It rooted you.”

His new memoir is available now.

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