Brie Larson says acting is weird

Actress Brie Larson considers her job “weird” after suffering multiple bruises while filming scenes for the movie Free Fire. The star was so shocked that she could only describe them as “disgusting” and “intense.”

She told People magazine: “I slowly got the most disgusting and intense bruises all up one side of my leg. It became progressively more and more painful and more and more awful-looking. My job is so weird. This is what I’m doing. How do I explain this to people?”

Larson also explained how her character, who gets shot in the leg, caused her to spend long periods “crawling on the floor.”

“For the following month, every day I was crawling on the floor that had tons of rocks and things on it.

So I had to sort of figure out, because I had one arm that’s bad too, you’re just sort of scooting and lifting your butt up and slamming it back down. You’re trying to crawl for your life.”

Larson had previously stated she needed to figure out “who she was” after filming Room, as she felt like a different person after all was said and done.

She added: “This time a year ago I was still trying to figure out who I was. The movie was done but I was in deep, searching, trying to remember who I was before this movie.

Who I was by the time the movie was over was so far away from who I was when I started. So it was a long process of trying to find myself.”

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