Blac Chyna wants Kylie Jenner to babysit her unborn child

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian would like Kylie Jenner to babysit their unborn baby along with Chyna’s son, King Cairo.

The two announced the pregnancy earlier this year, one month after Rob got engaged to the 28-year-old TV personality. They admitted to have complete trust in 19-year-old Jenner and say they couldn’t think of anyone else to handle the job.

When asked about a potential babysitter through a recent Facebook Live session, the make-up artist blatantly said: “Yeah, she [Kylie] could babysit the baby and King at the same time. [But] I would say both.”

Rob quickly backed up his fiancée, adding: “I would choose neither of them. No, I’m kidding … Probably Kylie. I’ll probably let Kylie babysit.”

Despite getting along these days, Chyna and Kylie Jenner had previously held a long feud after she started dating Tyga. However, the two now consider themselves best friends.

In fact, they had recently posed for a selfie together with the accompanying caption: “When we’ve been best friends the whole time …”

The couple even penned a touching message to the Kylie Cosmetics founder, who recently celebrated her 19th birthday, to reaffirm that they have now put the family drama to rest.

Jenner then shared the message with fans, which read: “Kylie! I am so proud of who you are becoming and the things you are accomplishing and you are only 19!!! I LOVE YOU more than you know! Love, Rob & Chyna.”

Meanwhile, Chyna recently revealed that she refuses to marry until after she loses the baby weight. The couple will tie the knot in 2017, with Chyna vowing to lose an estimated 70 pounds once the baby is born.

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