Benedict Cumberbatch says fatherhood has made him a better actor

Benedict Cumberbatch – who has a 16-month-old son with wife Sophie Hunter and is currently expecting a second child – says the tot is a big source of inspiration and credits him for keeping him strong. In fact, Benedict believes the child has greatly helped improve his acting career over time.

He shared with Hello! magazine: “Lots of people, especially women, get told, ‘Oh parenthood is really going to affect your career – and it does, but for the better I think.

I know I’m in a very privileged position in my career but I think everyone, even if they’re in a challenging time in their life, draws strength from their children. They are your inspiration. It adds to your work, it never takes away.”

The Doctor Strange actor also says fatherhood has affected his relationship with his parents, as it’s opened his eyes about their struggles.

“How you think about your parents suddenly accelerates. It’s about understanding what they did for you, how they did it and, in my case, being incredibly grateful and really moved.”

Benedict, 40, has always admired his actor parents and looks to model their personal and professional lives.

He explained: “I started out in this profession with two parents to live up to who had successful careers, the respect of their peers, and a good time doing a job that can be tough on family life. I thought, if I do half as good a job as them, then I’m fine.

Their standards are the standards I wanted to meet. My parents are incredibly supportive now. Not that they weren’t in the beginning – they just wanted something different and better for me, something a bit more grown up … for me to be a barrister or doctor or something else.”

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