Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey are back together

It’s been reported that Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey are now back together after briefly splitting up in November.

The couple had only been dating for a few months when they abruptly called it quits, but a source now says they are obsessed with each other.

He explained to “They really like each other and when they started their relationship it was the honeymoon phase in overdrive. It got to a point where they were both obsessed with each other. They fell for each other hard.

They still have those feelings and are trying to make it work out with things being so intense. They kind of scared each other on how much they liked each other and how things were working. So, they are now attempting to slow down all the lovey-dovey overboard stuff around each other and move forward having a healthy relationship.”

Bella had split from the star in August mainly due to their busy lives. They revealed in a statement at the time: “After much thought and soul-searching, we have made the difficult decision to end our relationship.

We will always love each other and have a deep respect for one another, as we have each grown to be better people because of our time together. Our schedules made seeing each other difficult, and we decided that for now this would be best.”

Meanwhile, Bella revealed to be bisexual just a few weeks later. She simply answered “Yes” when a Twitter fan asked whether she liked women. The question came after she posted an image of herself kissing another woman. And while she refused to elaborate further, followers quickly supported her lifestyle and thanked her for being honest.

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