Bella Hadid draws confidence from her sister

Bella Hadid recently took part at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday, and she readily admitted to be very nervous. However, she was happy to have her older sister, 21-year-old Gigi Hadid, alongside her.

Bella, who considers Gigi her “comfort blanket,” told “It’s amazing; she’s really my comfort zone and my comfort blanket, so to be able turn around and to be able to talk to her, it really grounds me and makes me a little less nervous to have my best friend with me.

She’ll always give me her honest opinion about everything – she watched my rehearsal yesterday. She’s always right there with me, so it calms me a little bit … I’m just trying to get out there and be confident and work it as hard as I possibly can. I’ll try to channel Beyoncé. I don’t know, I’ll just try to be myself and go out there and try and kill it.”

And the young model explained how her excitement kept her from sleeping, but ultimately wowed in a stylish metallic grey corset at the fashion show.

She shared: “I couldn’t sleep – I was so excited last night and kind of jet lagged. So once I fell asleep, I think I was asleep and out cold. I didn’t know how to feel this morning, I was still nervous, but now that I’m here, I’m excited.”

Meanwhile, Gigi had previously revealed that Bella has always been a fan of her clothes, so much that she enjoys stealing them once in a while.

“She steals from my closet. That’s how she is. I just wouldn’t go to her house and take her things …

We share clothes, but if you gave Bella and I the same piece we would style it completely different, which is fun. She has a lot more energy for making a look every day. I kind of just wake up and wear what I feel like wearing. Bella has a lot more motivation to make it an outfit,” she stated.

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