Audrina Patridge relied on music to get through her C-section

Audrina Patridge revealed that her C-section was a rather scary experience, but the power of music ultimately helped her get through it.

The star said she was reluctant to go under the knife as her daughter Kirra was not positioned properly for natural birth. She then asked doctors to put on some music as a means of distraction, which gradually calmed her down.

She shared with People magazine: “I had the doctors turn up the music in the delivery room so I wouldn’t focus on what was happening. I was kind of scared and Corey (Bohan, her fiancé) just kept talking to me. I was scared to have a C-section.”

Patridge also explained her efforts to get her unborn child “to flip,” but her attempts proved unsuccessful.

“She was breech. I tried everything to get her to flip. I went to acupuncture, I floated in the pool, I did front flips, I did handstands, I did everything you could imagine and nothing worked. I waited until the very end of my pregnancy.”

The 31-year-old revealed she connected with Kirra immediately and still has a hard time believing the baby is all hers.

Patridge shared about the bond with her daughter: “It was instant. It was so natural. Every day I look at her and I can’t believe she’s mine. She’s so cute, it melts my heart.”

Although the television personality admitted to have struggled with motherhood at first, she is very happy with the outcome and wouldn’t change anything about it.

“If I’m being completely honest, the first month of no sleep, C-section recovery, unpacking, and getting back into the swing of things was pretty gruelling. But, at the end of the day, all I had to do was take one look at Kirra and none of that mattered anymore.”

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